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This decided him and he joined their hermitage, which was then in the greatest repute.

The hermits, who dwelled in pairs in separate cells, occupied themselves chiefly in prayer and reading, and lived a life of great austerity.

His chief care was to foster in his disciples the spirit of solitude, charity, and humility.

Many of them became great lights of the Church, including St. John of Lodi, his successor in the priory of the Holy Cross, who wrote St.

Accordingly after the abbot's decease about the year 1043, Peter assumed the direction of that holy family, which he governed with great wisdom and piety.

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For years Peter Damian was much employed in the service of the Church by successive Popes, and in 1057 Stephen IX prevailed upon him to quit his desert and made him Cardinal-bishop of Ostia.

That prelate acknowledged his amusement to be unworthy, and received the holy man's reproof meekly, submitting to do penance by reciting the psalter three times and by washing the feet of twelve poor men and giving them each a piece of money.